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Poreč: Conservation of ancient Forum on the Marafor Square

As of this Monday, Feb 15, work started on the discovery and conservation of smaller part of the ancient Forum…

Most Popular Porec Sights

Poreč is famous for it’s number one sight and monument, the Euphrasian Basilica, the UNESCO heritage site in the heart of the old town center.

Visit Poreč on Your Adriatic Coast Journey

We noticed how our guests like to travel. Nowadays the Adriatic coast is very popular, but who has time to spend a vacation…

Experience Poreč in Two Days

We know you like to travel. There is not much time to see everything if you are staying for just a few days. You want to experience as much as you can! Day #1 - Explore Poreč Our best advice is to spend the first day on exploring...