Travel Channel wrote an article about “Dos and Don’ts” in Croatia so we are sharing the wisdom with you!

Read the article and hear our local remarks:

  • don’t be afraid of the bus – this is very much true, the easiest way to reach any point in Croatia is to take the bus. They are comfortable and usually have AC included. Autotrans buses even offer stable WiFi connection in all their buses.
  • do drive with care (and don’t talk on your cell) – plan your trip, read the signs and if you must, talk handsfree!
  • do take ferries and charter a boat – ferries are an exciting way to reach Poreč for example, if you’re getting here from Venice
  • don’t walk the walls with the masses – well we don’t have walls to walk on, but we do have very busy streets in the Poreč center. If you don’t like crowds, explore the old town in the mornings; use the evenings for relaxing in the restaurant or on short excursions.
  • do watch your step – Istria is a safe region with no mines from the homeland war from the ’90s. So don’t worry.
  • do remember the patron saint – our patron saint and protector in Poreč is St. Mauro, celebrated on Nov 21.
  • don’t call it Yugoslavia – Yugoslavia is part of the Croatian history and for the last 20 years we are an independent country, with stable relations with our neighbor countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina).
  • do call it Croatian – Croatian language is pretty distinctive when you get into studying it, but you will understand Serbian easily if you know Croatian already.
  • do watch where you go topless! – there are campsites in and around Poreč where you can be topless. But there are always surprises on any beach. :)