As of this Monday, Feb 15, work started on the discovery and conservation of smaller part of the ancient Forum on Poreč Marafor square (read more: Marafor Square), and the procedures are planned for two parcels with significant remains of paving and architecture of Roman Parentium Forum. It was this exceptional preservation of the Roman Forum in Poreč that encouraged thinking of complete evaluation and maximum presentation in urban area.

Execution of works is planned in two zones – in zone A, the north-western corner of the Marafor, the goal is the conservation of works that have been excavated more than eight years ago. Part of the monumental pavement, the northern edge duct and the remains of the temple platform and its stairs can all be seen here.

The second procedure – in zone B, area of green patch on the northern edge of Marafor (where a house destroyed in the WW2 bombing has been), an archeologial probe will cover a little more than half of the plot, and the goal is to determine the existence and characteristics of the ancient paving of the Forum, about 50 cm below the current level.

Both findings will be presented for public sightseeing with additional information, so the visitors will be able to see how ancient findings fit into the whole historic urban image of Poreč.

Information about the works will be setup at the site, so that interested citizens can get access to all the questions related to the history and destiny of Marafor. The conservation works on Marafor are planned to finish by March 15.

Source: Grad Poreč