Home Instructions

Some helpful tips for your stay.

Wireless internet

You can freely use our unlimited wireless internet network “Bogovic” with the access password: mikipapagulas or 12345678.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV has more than 500 European channels! Feel free to explore as even we don’t know what’s on. :)

Using the Fridge

Our advice is you set up the fridge intern setting on maximum 3 as there is no need for colder setting (up to 7).

Garbage & Recycling

Please take the trash outside regularly; our trash bin is outside of garden gate on the right, behind the green hedge. If you wish to recycle, you can walk across the grass in front of our garden – there are three separate trash bins near the residential building!


You can park your car outside of our garden on the nearby parking lot, very close to our house.

If you have bicycles, you are free to place them anywhere in our garden.

Find out which phone numbers are useful for your stay.